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Wednesday, September 26, 2012

You really can dance all night

As part of Toronto's Nuit Blanche, Saturday, September 29, 2012, you can learn 12 different dance styles, including a ballet barre taught by National Ballet of Canada First Soloist Jonathan Renna at 8 pm. Please note this event is held outdoors. Jonathan recommends dressing in layers with an extra pair of socks!

 Richmond Adelaide Centre, 111 Richmond Street West


All Together Now, 2012
Photo: Ömer K. Yükseker, dancers Kate Franklin and Robert Abubo
Suitable for all ages

All Together Now, 2012

Jeanne Holmes - Toronto, Canada
Built form and public space give rise to an ambient choreography that shapes and directs our urban experience in tangible ways. All Together Now brings the body in motion into the architecture of the city in an experiential collaboration. Like architecture, dance requires the creative manipulation of materials (in this case the body in motion) to compose a distinctive world.

Throughout each hour of the 12-hour span of the event, audience participants learn a different style of dance, coached by professional instructors from the field. From hip hop to Kathak to tai chi; each of the 12 styles of dance reflecting the urban and cultural landscape of our city. In this case the movement is the message.

Each hour will feature a different dance form and instructor, some with live music to accompany the class. Audience participation is required! Wear tights, dancing shoes or ghunghru depending on the schedule.

7pm – Family Flash Mob
Stand Up DanceInstructor: Christy Stoeten

8pm – Ballet Barre classNational Ballet of CanadaInstructor: Jonathan Renna
Accompanist:  Richard Herriott

9pm – Bollywood & Bhangra DanceDivine Heritage ArtistryInstructor: Lopa Sarkar

10pm – Contemporary Centre classInstructor:  Bonnie Kim
Accompanist: Jake Oelrichs

11pm – Brazilian ZoukToronto Dance ZoukInstructors: Fernando Silva, Renata Lisa, Rosany Lisa

Midnight - House dance
Instructors: Ofilio Portillo & Apolonia Velasquez
Music: DJ Sinbadinho

1 am– Cha Cha Instructor: Sharon Cai

2am - Hip HopInstructors: Mariano Abarca & Ofilio Portillo
Music: DJ Sinbadinho

3am – Capoeira Sinhá Bahia de Capoeira
Instructor: Soquete

4am – Krumping Instructor: Amadeus-Primal Marquez

5am – KhatakInstructor: Joanna de Souza

6am – Tai chi Fung Loy Kok Taoist Tai ChiInstructors:  Ron Rotteau, Joan Warren Carlson and Caitlin Traynor
Jeanne Holmes, Artistic Producer of the Canada Dance Festival, has been active in the Toronto performing arts scene for more than 20 years. Holmes was the Producing Director of Dancemakers and the Centre for Creation and the Artistic Director of World Moves, Harbourfront Centre’s international dance season. She is a committed member of the Canadian dance community, and currently serves on the CanDance Network Board and is the current chair of Dusk Dances, Toronto.

Richmond Adelaide Centre, 111 Richmond Street West

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