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Thursday, October 27, 2011

German TV spot about Roberto Bolle
 The beautiful Ballet Man
Many of the posters of Roberto Bolle advertising the performances of "Orpheus" at the Hamburg Ballet have been stolen. What makes the dancer so popular? We met him during rehearsals.
Since he has been dancing on the world's ballet stages, it's become clear: seldom has ballet been so sexy.
His charisma is so appealing. His style is so virtuosic.  Roberto Bolle has enchanted Presidents, the Queen, and the Pope. Now the Hamburg audience can swoon over his Orpheus.
Since the age of 7, he has danced. He doesn't smoke or drink and follows a strict diet.
"My whole life always revolves around dancing. Even when I'm on holiday by the sea, I work out, even if it's just swimming."
Two years ago, John Neumeier created on him the role of Orpheus, a mythical story of fate, confronting love and death. Then he injured his back and had to cancel his performances. Once he was back on his feet, he was so busy with engagements around the world that only now can he find his way back to Hamburg to carry on with this particularly emotional choreography, where every movement is imbued with feeling. Yet the worry that he could still injure something remains.
"A ballet dancer is an athlete. We always have to deal with injuries and pain. But you learn that quickly, right at the beginning of your career, you just have to live with physical pain."
Only the icy autumn wind is  too cold for this Italian. Besides, in Hamburg he's happy he doesn't have to hide behind a hat and sunglasses. In Italy everyone recognizes him. Of course he is pleased by that but on the other hand he enjoys the moments where he can do what he wants in peace. For example, forbidden things. His only vice: dark chocolate.
"Of course there are moments when I let myself go. For example Christmas... panettone, cream cakes. I break the rules with a clear conscience!"
He buys two chocolate bars. He could eat them all at once. But he'll make them last for two days.

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