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Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Wheeldon Winter's Tale available on DVD

Christopher Wheeldon's much-lauded The Winter's Tale with the Royal Ballet, a hit with critics and audiences alike,  will be released on DVD and Blu-Ray in North America January 27, 2015. It is available for pre-order:

Lauren Cuthbertson - Hermione
Steven McRae - Florizel
Edward Watson - Leontes
Zenaida Yanowsky - Paulina
Sarah Lamb - Perdita
Federico Bonelli - Polixenes
Bennet Gartside - Antigonus
Joe Parker - Mamillius

The Winter's Tale is a co-production with The National Ballet of Canada and will be performed in Toronto in the NBOC's 2015-16 season. It will not be broadcast in cinemas in Canada.

‘a triumph’ -- (Daily Telegraph)

Shakespeare’s enduring story of jealousy, compassion and forgiveness. Wheeldon’s staging is ‘eye-delighting’ (Financial Times), effortlessly capturing the work’s profound emotional trajectory, with powerful designs by Bob Crowley, Joby Talbot’s ‘skilful’ score (Guardian) and constantly inventive choreography.

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 "Christopher Wheeldon's new three-act version of Shakespeare's The Winter's Tale is a triumph. It is contemporary and classical, traditional and modern, narrative and abstract. It feels like something entirely new. It is this profound emotional trajectory that Wheeldon catches so brilliantly. He deals with the complexities of the story with great confidence – each moment is absolutely clear. But the reason that The Winter's Tale makes such a superb ballet is that ... the great arc from abject despair to reconciliation is traced in movement that attains its own poetry. In charting this poignant story, Wheeldon is much assisted by designs by Bob Crowley which bring wonderful, dense colour and fluid, powerful settings to every scene; the action switches from the dark Sicilian court to the wonder of Bohemia, with a great green tree hung with glitter, with fluent beauty." (The Daily Telegraph)

"The linchpin of the staging is Edward Watson's portrayal of Leontes and his descent into a nightmare of jealousy and manic suspicions, which must give the narrative its momentum. Watson is superb, his body contorted by shapes entirely revelatory, his anger and his anguish in Wheeldon's imagery profoundly disquieting, and ever inviting of understanding... The staging is a visual triumph, potent, evocative, eye-delighting." (The Financial Times) 

"Christopher Wheeldon's striking new version of this Shakespeare piece crams everything you could want from a ballet into a single evening - comedy, tragedy, romance, drama and some lovely dancing. What's striking is the synthesis of dance, music and designs." (Evening Standard ) 

"Christopher Wheeldon rises to the challenge of translating Shakespeare into dance, creating one of most fully achieved story ballets to be staged at Covent Garden in years. Wheeldon has used this play to develop the most expressive and inventive dance language we've yet seen from him. ... On a stage dominated by one magically illuminated, decorated tree, this act is pure dance, a seamless fusion of the folksy and the poetic, in which Sarah Lamb and Steven McRae are adorable pastoral lovers, and Valentino Zucchetti is the wittiest of shepherds." (The Guardian)

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